What is Canvas Print?

Canvas Print, as its name, generally refer to professional quality reproduction of image onto canvas (as base media), instead of paper. The printing technology is known as Giclée (pronounced “zhee-clay”, is an invented name for the process of making fine art prints from a digital source).

The word “giclée”, from the French language word “le gicleur” meaning “nozzle”, or more specifically “gicler” meaning “to squirt, spurt, or spray”. Giclée are specifically targeted to being displayed in indoor lighting; generally bright, direct lighting, such as galleries or offices. Quality reproduction, color fidelity and long-term archivability are the major attributes of Giclée printing machines.

In general, Giclée is similar to ink-jet or burble jet technology (Inkjet - commonly used in HP printer; Burble jet - Canon printer). Both techniques use liquid ink fired through specially designed print heads. However, the terms have evolved to refer to separate and specific printing methods and there are major differences between the two.


Then, what is the different between Giclée print Vs inkjet/burble jet print?

Inkjet: Inkjet printing refers to desktop application printing (normally comes with “4~6 colour non-pigmented” inks), which dedicated for “plain or photo paper”. It is commonly own by everyone at home or offices. Archivability and color fidelity aren't major issues for inkjet printing and output is preserved by storing it away from strong light.

Giclée: Giclée print is a high quality inkjet print created with professional grade printers and fine materials. Both inks and canvas need to be rated as “Archival” (museum prints quality). Therefore, wide color rendition (color gamut) pigmented inks and special coated canvas with varnish for giclée prints must be used (poor coating canvas will result in

degradation, yellowing and fading of your prints.). In addition to the tangibles, a true Giclée needs to be created by professionals who understand color, ICC profiling and printer calibration. The final print result should be a vibrant, archival product with the highest fidelity to the file it is made from. Our state of the art giclée printer (“12 colour pigmented” inks) can spray millions of drops of “archival ink” per second onto special “treated canvas” or “fine art paper”, resulting in a reproduction of stunning clarity and texture. The quality of giclee prints produced amazingly smooth and consistent image quality to the original painting or photo, and has been considered much better than other traditional methods of reproduction.  

Thanks to the technology break through, the cost of Giclée prints has been more competitive and affordable to all. It has been very welcome and commonly available in Europe, US and UK market for the last 5~10 years.


What is Gallery Wrap?

A traditional gallery wrap means taking a printed canvas and wrapping it around the stretcher bars (the canvas frame) so that there is no need to frame the piece. There is no exposed wood or raw canvas. You'll get a neat, trim and finished piece that looks great anywhere!

Gallery wraps are a streamlined, contemporary way to display art on canvas. The canvas is folded over the edge of a wooden stretcher frame and is attached to the back. The picture flows cleanly around covering the sides. When the art is hung, it presents a continuous display of the image, uninterrupted by a white margin or side staples.

What is Museum Wrap?

Museum wrap is the way the museums normally have their paintings hanging on the wall. The photo is printed on the canvas with a white area is added around it. When it is then stretched around the bars, the photo itself fills the front, while the sides and the back is just plain white canvas. Some photo developers offer a black (or some complementary colour to the picture or the interior) instead of the white one. Depending on the colours of the canvas photo, another colour than white could be a good idea.

The museum wrap is a good solution, if you are planning to frame your canvas photo. And if important parts of the photo are near the edges, it is also a wise choice. It is also normally the wrap to choose, if your canvas photo is a reproduction of an original painting.          back

Museum-Grade Canvas

            >> matte finish
            >> large color gamut
            >> 18mil (457 microns) thickness
            >> 11oz./yd.2 (373 GSM) weight

We use museum-grade poly cotton blend canvas that has a wider colour gamut than most digital giclee canvases available in the world, this factor produces giclee prints and fine art reproductions that are stunning and color accurate. It is extremely durable and can be stretched over frames without cracking or tearing. It’s heavyweight, natural feel and appropriate texture, provides amazing colour reproduction and detail.

We use the highest quality 373gsm canvas available, with the acid-free buffered sizing that protects the canvas fibres from direct contact with the final priming. Each canvas is then primed with a universal acrylic titanium formula and receives a specially formulated clear top-coat for printing ink receptivity.

This state-of-the-art canvas also comes with a superior water resistant inkjet coating for creating excellent printing results which is ideal for creating giclées and fine art reproductions.

Special UV Coatings

All our printing are treated with 2 layers of state-of-the-art UV coatings specially

made for Giclee printing. The canvas prints which are treated will provide

protection against harmful UV ray and serves as the main protective shield for

a fine art canvas that can easily last for 100 years or more.


This dedicated canvas coating not only protect and preserve the canvas, it also

enhance fine art and photographic prints. It further enhances the colour of the

pigmented inks and increases resistance to fading. Additionally, it protects your

canvas wall art against moisture, dust and abrasion.

You may have your choice of finishing in Glossy, semi-glossy or matte


Stretcher Frame
We don’t compromise details and hence we only select the best possible stretcher frame available for all our prints. Our stretcher frames are specially produced with a nicely cut curved profile and rounded edges. These carefully designed frame profiles minimise contact with the front face of the canvas, preventing unsightly impression marks and surface cracking as seen in many other inferior quality canvas prints (or even paintings) available in the market place.

The process of framing canvas art, where the print is tightly stretched over around the sides of a box stretcher frame, is called gallery-wrapping. This framing process requires a highly skilled and experienced man to perform the fully hand labour job in order to achieve a high quality finish that will last for years.

In addition, our different stretcher frame thickness gives customers a variety of choices to choose from for different canvas sizes and photo images. As a rule of thumb, the stretcher frame thickness always corresponds with the canvas prints size. For larger prints we will select a thicker frame height as to give the finish product a more stunning outlook; likewise, for smaller prints it is recommended to go for a slimmer frame height.

High Quality Stretcher Frame
  • Different stretcher frame thickness suits for various canvas sizes and photo images.
  • Nicely cut curved profile and rounded edges prevent unsightly impression marks and canvas surface cracking.

  • Strong and durable joint, perfectly attached at 4 corners
  • .


Inferior Quality Wooden Frame

  • Poor wood material used with limited choice of frame thickness.
  • Flat and uneven surface that leaves impression marks on canvas. Torn canvas at the sharp edges after sometime.
  • Poor joint with large gaps. Generally not strong.


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